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Seattle Comedy Resources

The best up-to-the-minute listing of comedy events in the greater Puget Sound region can be found at the Seattle Comedy Blog (or CLOG) — check the “Seattle Comedy Calendar” in the column on the right side of the page.

Comedy listings for the Greater Seattle and King County area:

Seattle Comedy Clubs

This is how comedy is truly meant to be enjoyed—in a dedicated room, with a brick backdrop and stiff drinks:

Seattle Comedy Nights

And sometimes we get our funny on in restaurants and bars:

Seattle Comedians

I used to have this grand plan to list all of the comedians on the Seattle comedy scene. Then I realized that maintaining such a list would be a full-time job, and if there’s one thing a comedian doesn’t want, it’s anything resembling a real job. So here’s an abridged list of Seattle comics who blog regularly:

And not technically a blog, but produced regularly by several very funny local comics and writers:

  • The UW Monthly — Satirical college newspapers don’t typically contain any real news, of course, but with the Monthly there is also no actual newspaper, and nor are any of them even in college any longer.

If you’d like to be added to this list, send me a link to your blog. (Please don’t bother if the last entry is from eight months ago.)

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