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Bombing, killing, and other occupational hazards of stand-up comedy


I'm your host, CJ Alexander.
This is my blog about breaking into stand-up comedy.

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CJ Alexander: Bio

CJ Alexander is a writer by day and aspiring stand-up comedian by night. He spent the first part of his professional life as a technology entrepreneur, where he learned to keep an audience’s attention while leading countless seminars, workshops, and other large group presentations. He started doing comedy in 2008 and has already earned rave reviews in comedy clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest. (Learn more about why CJ became a stand-up comic in the Creating a Comic FAQ.)

CJ at the mic
CJ’s other hobbies include talking
about himself in the 3rd person.

CJ’s act is accessible to a wide variety of audiences, young and old, clean or blue, though he prefers to play to mammals.

For specialty audiences, CJ has many in-depth routines that have proven particularly successful for certain unique groups:

  • Fitness-themed Jokes – CJ loves to joke about the common pitfalls involved in biking, jogging, and other sports. Have you ever considered how much social awkwardness can be involved in simply jogging around your neighborhood? You’d be amazed.This squeaky clean material is perfect for athletic events, banquets, and award dinners.
  • CJ as Captain Picard
  • Geek-themed Jokes – As a hardcore nerd, some of CJ’s best material is about technology, science fiction, dark matter, graphic novels, computer history (remember bulletin board systems?), cloning, and more. He eagerly welcomes a venue of fellow geeks to share the laughter with him. This material is especially strong with genre conventions, high-tech trade shows, and similar-minded corporate groups (i.e. engineers, scientists, and IT professionals).

    And yes, that’s an authentic Starfleet uniform (Halloween at Seattle’s Comedy Underground). Geek cred? You’d better believe I didn’t get any that night!

CJ currently lives in Seattle, WA. In his spare time he enjoys novels, marathons, and working on his next screenplay.

Feel free to contact CJ or learn more about him through the magic of Web 2.0:

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