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My friends often roll their eyes when I recommend against driving in my current hometown of Edmonds, if at all possible, between 2 and 4am. The local police force is too well-funded, too hyper-vigilant, and too willing to pull anybody over on the slightest pretext — like if you’re suspected of Driving While Under 50. It’s usually not worth the hassle.

Sometimes, they believe me; usually, they mock me. But total lifetime vindication is mine after the other night, when I was pulled over at 3am… while riding my bicycle.

“You don’t really get ‘pulled over’ on a bicycle,” notes Kyle Kinane. “You just stop pedaling.” Thankfully I didn’t get an expensive ticket like Kyle, who re-enacts his police encounter in this great routine:

I should note that the cop who stopped me was pretty cool about it, letting me go after a routine five minute ID/warrant check. Also routine, but so funny I almost lost it: the arrival of a backup squad car.

Barely-suppressed mockery isn’t a crime, thank goodness. Not yet anyway.

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