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Mindy Kaling, best known for playing Kelly on (and writing for) The Office, recently published a funny quasi-memoir called Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)  I thought it was interesting, funny and enjoyably easy to read.

But Mindy’s book also had the misfortune, publicity-wise, of being published out shortly after the release of Tina Fey’s equally absorbing Bossypants. And sadly for the somewhat-less-famous Mindy, The New York Times Bestsellers list seems to have a Highlander rule for books by any writer/actor/comedian who also happens to be in possession of a vagina.

On the topic of comedians and their sometime ladyparts, Mindy includes this gem during a made-up Q&A at the end of the book:

Q: “Why didn’t you talk about whether women are funny or not?”

A: I just felt that by commenting on that in any real way, it would be tacit approval of it as a legitimate debate, which it isn’t. It would be the same as addressing the issue of ‘Should dogs and cats be able to care for our children? They’re in the house anyway.’ I try not to make a habit to seriously discuss nonsensical hot-button issues.

I’d love if that could be the final word on this made-up mouthbreather non-issue, at least around these (terrifyingly manly man-) parts.

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