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I couldn’t agree more:

It’s funny that 30 Rock is up against that other show — you know the one. The one with much better ratings; the one about nerds. Answer me this, though: did that show feature an Ewok, lyrics to the Mos Eisley cantina song, a Dungeons & Dragons room, and a completely obscure reference to Xaro Xhoan Daxos from Game of Thrones? Who’s the nerd now Big Bang Theory, huh?!? The fact is, I’m actually a fan of Big Bang Theory, but I love the subtle nerdiness of Liz Lemon. Who doesn’t love a girl who’s crazy about Star Wars.

30 Rock is really killing it lately — and I say this as someone who denies the show ever went through much of a lull. Sure, not every single joke will land, but I’m in awe of how many jokes they cram into every single script.

Plus, there this Jenna speech:

“Right now there are models waking up from their coke binges, multi-ethnic bartenders with daddy issues, former ballerinas who had to quit because their boobs got too big. They’re going to hear about the horny billionaire, and Thad is going to forget all about his little crush. They’re coming Liz. Click click! That’s their stilettos! Click click!”

And Liz’s response: “Damn hot bitches!”

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