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Mike Drucker is a national comedy writer and stand-up comic, as well as a recent Seattle transplant from New York. And now he’s also the man behind the best joke of 2010, at least according to some people who voted over at Time Out New York.

Before unleashing the funny, I want to point out yet again that silently reading a typed out stand-up joke is like reading a detailed description of an amazing play in sports; you get the general idea, but it’s a pale and bloodless approximation. There’s a reason that most comedians consider stand-up to be 70-80% performance and only 20-30% writing.

Anyway, here’s the joke:

A friend told me that picking his favorite Star Wars character is as hard as picking his favorite child.
Sure, except his favorite child doesn’t matter to me.

Outstanding. A lot of the other jokes are great, too; check ‘em out!

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    One Response to “The 2010 Joke of the Year, by Mike Drucker”

    1. At first, I misread the last line as “…Sure, except his favorite child doesn’t matter to him.”

      I think it’s funnier that way.

      P.F. Bruns

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