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Comedian Patrice O’Neal, 41, died in November after complications caused by a stroke.

While Patrice was tremendously well-respected among other comics, and had earned a decent amount of TV exposure, he wasn’t especially famous yet with the public at large. Before his untimely death, Patrice O’Neal was basically Zach Galifianakis right before The Hangover.

I almost never queue up specific comedy specials more than once, but O’Neal’s “Elephant in the Room” was masterful and funny enough that I watched it three separate times, before his death occasioned another viewing. There are a number of great bits that had me gasping with laughter; my favorite is probably the amazing, heartfelt proposal for a national Workplace Harassment Day:

“Oh my God — Human Resources!! The grizzly bear just did…
grizzly bear stuff…”

You can order the DVD of Elephant in the Room or watch it right now via Netflix Streaming or Amazon Instant Video. Can, and probably should.

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