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Twitter sure seems to provoke an awful lot of indignation from people who don’t use it, and never intend to. There seems to be a strain of personality that just isn’t able to shrug and say “I don’t get it.”

But today isn’t the day that I mount a full-throated defense of Twitter. I just wanted to mention one of the tool’s many goofy uses: the hashtag memes.

Hashtags are Twitter posts linked together and distinguished by the #keyword appended to everyone’s 140 character contributions. If you follow enough interesting and/or clever people — comedians, for example! — then the memes can be fun to watch and even participate in.

It’s basically a public session of joke brainstorming.

The┬ámeme du jour the other night was #hipstersitcoms, and while Sturgeon’s Law was in full effect, some of the tweets represented some high quality improv. My favorite #hipstersitcoms included:1

  • Grace Under Arcade Fire
  • Postmodern Family
  • Joanie Likes Chachi’s Facebook Status
  • My Twee Sons
  • “Friends”
  • Chaz in Charge
  • Punky Micro-Brewster
  • Undeclared (But Leaning Toward Art History)

On my scorecard it was The Office‘s amazing, adorable Mindy Kaling who ultimately carried the day, with her contributions of Family Skinny Ties and then my favorite, M*A*S*H*U*P.2

My own first efforts… sucked out loud. Night Torte was just lame, and Top Fixed Gear wasn’t terrible but was based on a non-sitcom. But after a few more minutes I managed to come up with a few that don’t make me cringe with embarrassment:

  • Married… without Children
  • Eight is Enough Viewers
  • The Dicks with Van Dykes Show

That last one felt satisfying enough that I decided to quit while I was ahead.

  1. And no, I didn’t keep track of attributions for each of these, since they were flying by too fast, and anyway I’m not the Curator of All Twitter Twats. []
  2. M*A*S*H*U*P is one of those ideas that is both so immediately obvious and so tightly clever that I get annoyed at myself for not coming up with it first. Not that I actually could have done so; it just seems that way. This is usually the mark of a great joke. []
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    4 Responses to “$#*! my Twitter stream says (#hipstersitcoms)”

    1. Those last two actually damn near killed me. Nicely done.

      Rob Cottingham

    2. Thanks for the kind words, Rob!


    3. Dang, I thought I came up with M*A*S*H*U*P. No time stamp that I can see, though mine’s the one without extra * on the outside…. Oh, well. Great minds think alike?


    4. Nice, Paul!! I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about parallel thinking but suffice to say, that is some amazing company you’re keeping. :)


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