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I'm your host, CJ Alexander.
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As this website inevitably gets visited by club members and colleagues at my day job, two brief reminders are in order among us grown-ups:

  1. This site contains adult content. I’ll never display really explicit images — this is about the worst (yes – I mean best!) of that — but boy howdy does it ever contain torchingly profane ideas, language, imagery, maybe the odd death threat or two… Look it’s not actually that bad, but I have weird ideas sometimes and don’t plan on censoring them too much.

    So if you are offended easily please do not continue reading.

  2. All thoughts expressed here are mine; CJ’s. My words are of course also verbatim telepathic communiques from the franchise parent corporation, management team, stockholders, the CDC, law enforcement, two branches of the US Armed Forces, the ethanol lobby, and Major League Baseball.

I may joke around a lot at the gym, but ultimately need to act professionally while I’m there. That is not my home; this is. So I may avoid or put off certain inappropriate conversations, for what will probably be obvious reasons. As long as everyone keeps their heads then I see no reason for this to end in tears.

But if it does, it’ll probably at least be pretty funny.

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