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…’Cuz I been here for years! Well, a bit over a year. Sort of off and on…

Maybe I should leave the hip-hop references to Andrew.

Anyway, I got the day job situation all worked out; my new material is organized; I’m ready to rock again! I’ll be at the Underground on Monday and PROK on Friday for the weeks to come, hopefully building back to the Eastside clubs in the spring. My friend Big Irish Jay is running a new open mic at the Parlor in Bellevue, too, and I can’t wait to make the journey out there.

I’m thinking about doing about 50% old material, my first a couple times back, just to get in the groove — and then retiring most of it. I’ve got many pages of new and untried material that I can’t wait to try. Of course, 99% of it will turn out to be utter garbage… but I’m looking forward to having the audience help me decide which in which.

Regular blogging will resume next week as well!

My alternate stage name: LL Cool CJ.

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    4 Responses to “Don’t call it a comeback…”

    1. How do you decide how long a page is? 50 new bits, one page each bit? Or write on a page however many bits it will hold and go 50 pages in a consecutive notebook? 50 pages of one liners?

      I’m all for playful exaggeration. but 50 pages is ridiculous and needs some sort of clarification.

      and if you have 50 pages of new material. You’re going to be annoyed at 5 minutes a pop stage time at open mic. You should start fresh. Then puzzle the ones from way back in and eventually create an act. Jokes from a year ago were from 2009 CJ. 2010 CJ probably has different feelings on many more interesting subjects, I’d love to hear.

      Andrew Rivers

    2. Very insightful — I agree completely. The only reason I’ll even briefly do old stuff is for the confidence factor.

      I didn’t mean to sound braggy with the pages thing. I’m a writer — I write, often spewing nonsense. Most of it is total shit. The whole file/print preview is 94 consecutive pages BUT that includes a decent amount of old stuff and unformed ideas. And I’m counting as “new” several old premises that have been almost entirely rewritten.

      Like I said, I’m sure most of it is crap. But. But! Guess fuckin’ what? Final Destination 5 being announced means THAT stupid old joke gets another brief hurrah before going back to the graveyard. :)


    3. To anyone reading this after Andrew’s first comment: the post has been changed. It used to say “50 pages” instead of “many pages,” which I wrote without realizing it might sound like LOOK HOW BIG MY DICK IS.

      But the truth is, that 50 pages is currently ZERO minutes of stage material. A working comic like AJ up there is already working on their second 30-minute set of stage material.

      Jokes on the page are the unchopped trees of constructing a building; there’s a lot of work necessary to turn the raw wood into something wonderful. (Which is also what your Mom said.)

      This probably should have been a separate post but I’m lazy and going to be late for work.


    4. Lol. I’m not doubting your writing process. I write a lot more than people I know, but I know you probably out do me. Especially on size 98 font. Double spaced.

      I like that raw wood joke. Now you’ve got 56 pages.

      Andrew Rivers

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