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Archive for October, 2010

A lot of the attendee signs from the Stewart/Colbert rally were quite clever. Here’s my favorite one so far: Yes. Yes, it does.

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Repeating a joke does not make it funnier

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

A joke’s structure consists of a setup and a punchline, with the punchline using the element of surprise to pack its punch. You get one surprise per punchline, per audience; except on very rare occasions, there are no takebacks or do-overs. If you blow your surprise, it’s gone. After a failed joke, new comics will […]

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Absence makes the joke grow funnier

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Spending some time away from a joke or a bit is often exactly what it needs in order to improve. Just as bread needs to rise or scotch needs to age, jokes often need to spend some time off on their own, outside our heads, while we go on with experiencing life. Time changes our […]

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If you are a man, then I can pretty much guarantee that this fantastic little video of an amazing palm-sized mini-cannon will bring great joy to your day. Go ahead and try not to applaud as it obliterates various household objects: If you are a woman then it will probably make you wonder, once again, […]

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Rick Steves I think I should just admit, upfront, that this post is mostly just an excuse to shamelessly mention that I got to meet Rick Steves and Gene Openshaw on Friday night at the Edmonds International Film Festival.1 I met and chatted with them about the writerly craft, over a beer, and these two […]

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